Compasion, Humility, Sportsmanship. These are what we should Emphasize

sportsmanship-78906338384For the world that applauds the Richard Sherman’s. Trying to claim that in the heat of the moment it is impossible for us to expect an athlete to control his emotions. Trying to poison the minds of our youth and convince them that sports are a platform to demean those whom they deem inferior.

This is a video that demonstrates the falsities permeated by today’s “win at all costs” environment. It destroys the lie that being a good player is better than being a good person.

Sportsmanship and compassion are still very much a part of the playing field. I would rather watch examples of human kindness and humility. I am inspired each time I read about an example of acceptance and generosity.

I, myself, am guilty of not emphasizing the importance of this enough. We must try harder.

Sherman is not a “thug,” he’s just not a classy guy



1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.
Surely we can all agree that Richard Sherman is not a vicious ruffian, robber or a murderer. I also would claim that it is even less likely that he is a professional robber from India who has strangled anyone, unless you consider holding in coverage a form of strangulation.
Richard Sherman doesn’t have anything of significance on any police report. He graduated second in his high school class with a 4.2 GPA. He is currently getting a masters from his Alma Mater Stanford. He lets everyone know that.
He works with a charity that he started. Blanket Coverage – The Richard Sherman Family Foundation attempts to help kids reach their academic goals.
There doesn’t seem to be any “thug” in Sherman so I understand when he gets frustrated that people call him one.
But he is a jerk.
Graduating from Stanford doesn’t automatically make you immune to acting like an idiot. You may have all the book smarts in the world Mr. Sherman. That doesn’t mean that you are incredibly intelligent.
I knew a lot of really stupid people in high school who had a perfect grade point average. They just worked harder than other people, or were force to by their parents.
You don’t have to be smart to get good grades. It isn’t a direct correlation. It helps, don’t get me wrong, but being book smart doesn’t necessarily mean you are more intelligent than everyone else.
In this clip you see Richard Sherman personally attack Skip Bayless on the debate show first take. He is disrespectful, argumentative, and goes on and on about how great he is and then has the nerve to call Skip arrogant,  pompous and so on. People say “Sherman destroyed Skip.” NO HE DIDN’T. He sat there name calling like a little child. Never answered any questions and interrupted the entire time.

I can hardly even watch this video myself cause Dick Sherman sounds like a….. well, exactly what his nickname says. Even Stephen A. Smith gives him some looks like “Boy what the what?”

The interview after the NFC championship was not the first and certainly won’t be the last account of Sherman making a fool of himself. In the next clip he’s talking trash after the game against the Redskins and then gets punched in the face. He then claims to not have done anything and just got punched in the face.

Yes Sherm, you did do something. All game you did something. When you tick someone off who is actually within reach of you this is what happens. I’m sure there are a lot of us that would love to be that close to you.

Here’s the bottom line. Sherman is an incredible football player. He is a great trash talker and gets in peoples heads during the game.

I can even accept his interview with Erin Andrews in the heat of the moment after the game. He was hyped up and maybe made a mistake. Didn’t word things properly. I would understand all of the people defending him if that was the end of it. But it wasn’t. He showered, dressed and put on a little bow tie and then came out to the press conference and did this:

You won the game. You made a great play (coming from a devastated San Fran fan). Now go enjoy it with class. Don’t rub the opponents noses in it. Be a good winner, because you will lose some in the NFL as well and it could come back to haunt you.

Sherman seems like the guy that everyone likes when he’s on their side. But to have all the sports writers and even random fans come out and defend these actions is ridiculous. It’s something that good coaches will try to eliminate from their teams because there is no place for that in sports.


Semi final match-ups are a Dream come true for NFL

It could not have worked out any better for the NFL. In the NFC championship you have the two NFC west rivals who were previewed as the two best teams in the NFC at the beginning of the season.

On the other side you have Manning-Brady for the millionth time it seems. They are just the two best quarterbacks of an era and match-up ALL THE TIME.

It is like rivalry weekend, just in the NFL.


index1In the NFC the Niners have to visit Seattle. maybe the tallest task of any team all season as this will be the last game in Seattle this season, it determines who will go to the super bowl and the Seahawks website has made it impossible for any resident of California to buy tickets to the game.

Looks like the shadiness portrayed by the team (most suspensions for PED’s in the NFL) and the coach (left USC in ruins after essentially cheating for a decade) has spilled over to the front office.

All in all, the Seahawks organization will do whatever it can, ethical or not, to win.

Needless to say, I am a 49er fan and hate just about everything about the Seahawks. This will be a physical, chippy game, much like both divisional games last week. This match-up will just be (like the entire Seattle defensive backfield) on steroids.

I can’t bet against my team no matter how difficult this game will be. I take the Niners in a close, low scoring affair. 17-14


nfl-week-12-preview-denver-broncos-new-england-patriots.jpg?w=600&h=425The two most storied quarterbacks of the past 15 years will meet again in the AFC championship. Every time they have met in the playoffs, the winner has gone on to take the Super bowl. Obviously this game means a lot.

Home field is big. If it were in New England I would choose this game differently. As it is the game is in Denver. The Broncos only allow 100 yards per game on the ground and the Pats have been forced to rely heavily on the run in recent weeks.

To be honest I have no idea how the Patriots are even in this position. Losing everything and the kitchen sink on offense and tons of injuries on defense, this has been by far the greatest coaching job of Belichick’s not unimpressive career.

Still I see it coming to an end. The Broncos will win this game in a shootout. I have the score as 42-38, with Peyton making a last minute drive to beat the Pats. Sorry Brady.

Parents can be their Kid’s worst enemy is sports, Don’t be THAT parent

“Parents can be their Kid’s worst enemy is sports”

Never did I understand this statement more than I do now. As i prepare for the Christmas holiday, it is a very welcome break to the basketball season.

recruiting_e_scream_gb1_576I coach basketball at the high school in the city where I live. There are a lot of hours put in and so far I haven’t had any monetary compensation. Even when I do, the pay will come out to be less than 50 cents an hour.

I do this because I love it. I love coaching, I love basketball and I love having even the smallest influence on the lives of the young men I coach.

But coaching can be stressful. I have discovered that as my body has been feelingmore and more tired as the season progresses.

However, it is not practices, games or the kids that are the most stressful part. It is the absolutely despicable attitudes of some parents/grandparents. The selfish, immature and incredibly out of line actions of the role models for the kids that I coach.

untitled22Granted, most of the parents are awesome and let me do my job running the team. But, the few who are terrible seem to outweigh the quiet majority.

In three out of our 4 losses on the year I have been confronted both verbally and physically by a parent or grandparent of one of my kids.

The parents/grandparents of these kids have called me “stupid,” “idiot” along with a host of other names. They have pulled me out of my huddles, pushed me and even clenched fists getting ready to throw punches because their kid wasn’t playing.

In a high school game there are 32 minutes in a basketball game. I have 17 kids on my bench sometimes. There is no way that everyone can play. This is a high school team, not some community team where everyone gets equal playing time cause we all just want to have fun.

The worst part is I should have and even did cut the players that I have had troubles with. Meaning that they are 16th and 17th man on the bench. They should be in slacks getting water for the other players, but I wanted to get them a jersey and allow them to practice and work on their games with the team.

These are the parents who think their kids will turn the game around. In their opinion it is because I didn’t play my 16th and 17th man that we lost a couple of games.

8915598Parents need to realize who and what they are. They are a support system for their child. They are there to cheer for and support the team.

They are not there to suggest who should play. They are not there to discuss strategy. Anything that they do beyond the supportive activities listed above are a detriment to their child, the team and everyone who attends the game.

I can’t explain how embarrassed your kids are when you do something so stupid. I have consoled players in the locker room because their parents have acted so childishly.

Most of the time the kid knows that he is not better than those who play. They know that getting to practice and put on their high school jersey is a privilege.

It is the parents who have to come to grips with reality.

This is simply a call to all of the parents of high school, or any level of athletics. Know your place. Know your duties. Don’t cross that line because you disgrace yourself, you embarrass your kids and you hurt the team.

Be a parent and a role model by acting appropriately.