Kobe would have “smacked” Ibaka… ME TOO!!!

If you haven’t seen the low blow delivered by Serge Ibaka on Blake Griffen then here it is. Ibaka is getting boxed out. Apparently he doesn’t like it. He spots that Griffen is uncovered and swings his hand in to Griffens sensitive area.

It was blatant and it was cheap. It seems like there is more and more of this crap happening. You understand that you are professional athletes right? This isn’t some school yard where anything goes.

That is something that a man just doesn’t do to another man. Especially in a professional arena. I can just imagine a judge handing down a verdict that a lawyer doesn’t like so he walks up and hits him in the nuts with his own gavel or something. It shouldn’t happen. Act like a pro.

Kobe Bryant came out and said that he would have “smacked” Ibaka and “dealt with the pain later.” I agree. This is just stupid.

When asked how he would play against the OKC center Dwight Howard joked that he would “wear a cup.”

All I know is that this is something that needs to be stopped. Fines and suspensions should be handed down so that this doesn’t happen anymore. Have Melo meet him at his bus so it can get settled.

One thought on “Kobe would have “smacked” Ibaka… ME TOO!!!

  1. Crap like this should be Flagrant 2 and they should auto get thrown out. Honestly? Imagine if that happened to you in a real world setting? You would have cases where people saw JAIL time and serious fines and lawsuits. The NBA needs to issue fines whenever someone pulls crap like this and end it ASAP.

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