Biggest NFL game of the year? Or biggest dud?

See a recap here: 49ers show they are far from perfect

On Sunday, the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks were supposed to play the biggest game (so far) in the NFL this year. You could tell that by the average ticket price which was well over $600. About $629 per ticket.

Somebody forgot to tell my beloved 49ers that they would be playing in this game.

They got blitzed by the Seahawks 29-3 and most of it was their own fault. If you look at Seattle’s touchdown drives, one came on a fumble where Colin Kaepernick allowed somebody (Cliff Avril) to strip him from behind, but even then the defense held. It was 3rd and 19. Russel Wilson had just given himself up on a sack. It was 3rd and goal from the 19 yard line and Ahmad Brooks came by and just grabbed his facemask while he was on the ground. Would have been 3rd and 19 going in, instead he got a personal foul which made it 1st down and they got a touchdown. That was a 4 point penalty.

The next touchdown drive, it was 4th and long, the Niners had held again, and Aldon Smith decided that he was gonna slap a Seattle offensive lineman in the face as he walked away. He got another personal foul, another automatic first down, another touchdown, Another 4 point penalty. (actually a 7 point penalty as Seattle would have had to punt.

nfl_g_seahawks-defense01jr_576The Niners also gave up a safety on a penalty, holding in the end zone by Bruce Miller. That is 10 points. When the score was 19-3 it should have been 9-3, but the niners gave up 10 extra points and as we all know, in Seattle that is incredibly hard to overcome.

The Niners also threw an interception inside the 10 yard line. Colin Kaepernick tried to force a ball when he thought the defense was playing man and it was a zone. The ball got plunked up into the air and Seattle intercepted it. So that’s another 7 points, or at least 3. At that point the score would have been 5-3. Then the Niners got a field goal later which would have made it 6-3, etc.

obviously though, the Niners couldn’t even move the ball. Seattle’s defense looked awesome. they looked completely impregnable. They were amazing.

(Richard) Sherman, even though he’s a huge douche, was probably the best cornerback I’ve ever seen in this game.

Kudos to Seattle. they held serve at home. Can’t wait till you come to Candlestick for the last time.

Niners, pull your heads out. Colin looked like the best quarterback in the NFL last week and then all of the sudden he looked like a scared little boy this week. Depending on which Kap shows up for the rest of the season, the Niners could be very good or very mediocre. Hopefully we get the former.

Some key stats:

  •  The Niners had 5 give aways in this game.
  • The 49ers had 12 penalties for 121 yards and in key situations
  • After a 200 yard performance in week one, Boldin was thrown to twice, once in the first 3 quarters.
  • Frank Gore had 16 yards on 9 carries.
  • The 49ers generated 207 yards of total offense, 87 of which came from Kaepernick scrambles.

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